If you have ever found yourself spending a significant amount of time on the computer completing repetitive, manual, low-value tasks or projects that require more work from your hands than your brain, it may be time to consider using a process automation solution.



Nearly all businesses will be able to find manual work tasks related to HR, sales & marketing, accounting & finance, operations, purchasing & inventory, or IT & security that can be automated.


 Department / Function
Tasks to Automate
 Human Resources
  • Payroll processing
  • Vendor cost analysis
  • Audit trails
  • Archive & clean up
  • Employee onboarding & offboarding
  • Job posting distribution
  • Group email and notifications management
  • Employee benefits and insurance election
 Marketing & Sales
  • Social media updates
  • Competitive intelligence research
  • Customer behavior data management and analysis
  • Contact list segmentation
  • Email or sales automation
  • Sales or marketing platform maintenance
 Accounting & Finance
  • General ledger accounts reporting
  • Data migration between accounting reports
  • Billing & invoice generation, and distribution
  • Data pulls for reporting
  • Collections & revenue cycle management
Operations & Purchasing
  • Inventory monitoring, replenishing, and status notifications
  • Inventory, pricing, A/P reporting, and report distribution
  • Updates to product catalog (i.e. SKU numbers, serial numbers, pricing, etc.)
  • Vendor & supplier onboarding
 IT & Security
  • User access and account maintenance
  • Data consolidation, clean up, and de-duplication
  • File transfers between systems
  • Integration of customer facing website and internal systems
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